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Confidential communication via browser or smartphone.
Video, chat and file sharing in peer-to-peer mode.
Or using Your Own server.
Fast automatic deploy.

What does secure communications mean?

Transfer your data only to those you trust allows you to automatically deploy your own server for video conferencing, in which all data between interlocutors is transmitted either directly from application to application, or through your own virtual server, which only you will have access to, and the software on it is open source.

average cost of data leakage
senior managers reported that their employees left confidential documents in the public domain
employees use a personal computer when working from home
of managers do not receive regular training in the basics of information security


Confidentiality of communications in a few clicks

Your own server

The system automatically deploys your own virtual server, on which services for secure communication and file and message exchange are also automatically installed and configured.

Easy to launch and configure

All settings take place in the visual wizard. You don't need to dive deep into technical issues.

Mobile version

A video conference mobile app is available.

Security and privacy

A proven and reliable stack of technologies is used for encryption and data transmission over the network.

Peer-to-peer connections

If technically possible, video chat uses direct encrypted connections between participants, without using a server. This improves the quality and speed of communication, saves server traffic.

The number of services will increase

You can run your own VPN service, your own SSH proxy and much more.


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